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The company was set up in 2010 by Pietro Carbone, the current sole director of CPS srl and Carbone Climatizzazione, a leading company in plant engineering for air-conditioning and heating since 1981.

CPS srl quickly became one of the first ports of call for leading national and international companies, due to the quality of the products and services provided to meet customer requirements.


In 2015 CPS srl started a new production line for the construction of pressure vessels. Automatic longitudinal and circumferential welding machines and machines capable of processing large thick sheeting were installed in a new department on the premises.

In the same year the existing conveyor system with blasting and painting facilities was replaced with a new fully-automated remote-control system equipped with innovative management, control and safety systems. This ensured a considerable increase in product quality, internal processing operations and company productivity, to satisfy an increasing number of requirements from national and international customers.

Investment in highly skilled qualified personnel and cutting-edge machinery and equipment enables CPS srl to operate throughout Italy. Two agents, one for southern Italy and the islands and the other for central and northern Italy, are always available for customers. The availability of modern transport methods and warehouses situated in various regions of Italy also enable CPS srl to have a fleet of tanks which are always available, even for small quantities, and manage the collection and delivery of tanks directly, with clearly-defined, guaranteed timescales.