This liquid petroleum gas (LPG) storage system basically consists of one or more tanks of suitable capacity equipped with safety/operation/control devices, and is designed and manufactured in compliance with European directives and harmonised standards for pressure equipment (PED 2014/68/EU – ATEX 94/9/EC):

Materials: P355NH
Operating pressure: 17.65 bar
Design temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C

Horizontal shaft: 575 – 990 – 1000 – 1750 –2750 –3750 – 5000 – 7150 – 10000 – 12500

Vertical shaft:  295 – 500 – 700 – 1000 – 1650 – 2250

Service And Safety Equipment And Accessories

Tanks have a dedicated ID plate showing all tank characteristics and the CE 100 mark identifying the INAIL (National Insurance Institute for Employment Injuries) Notified Body (CE 0100) which checked for PED compliance.
The information on the data plate or registration document (which must be provided with the tank) contains:

  • serial number
  • name of manufacturer
  • year of manufacture
  • design pressure
  • design temperature

Each tank is provided already assembled with service and safety devices and equipment.

Anti-Corrosion Protection

All types of tank are coated with a protective treatment to prevent them from corroding.

Before this treatment the tank surface is white metal blasted in compliance with international standards (Svensk stand. SA 2.5).

After external blasting (level SA 2.5) the anti-corrosion coating is applied by painting on a protective two-component epoxy base coat and one/two coats of RAL 9012 two-component epoxy white top coat. The total thickness at any point on the outer surface must be at least 90 µm to provide suitable protection against corrosion and UV rays.