CPS srl manages all work requests, installation and maintenance for customers and large distribution groups directly and/or with the assistance of Carbone climatizzazione, a highly specialist partner with thirty years’ experience in plant engineering and LPG.
The following operations can be implemented depending on requirements:

  • Installation of new tanks underground and above ground
  • Collection of tanks above ground from customer premises and/or excavation and removal of underground tanks
  • Replacement of LPG tanks and safety equipment
  • Cleaning and painting of tanks above ground on customer premises
  • Two-yearly inspection with safety valves replaced
  • Inspection to ensure tanks are secured and earthed correctly
  • Inspection of cathodic protection for underground tanks
  • Regular inspections of LPG storage systems
  • 10-yearly testing on customer premises of tanks above ground with ultrasonic equipment
  • Technical operations on piped networks and/or systems
  • Installation, removal, seal replacement and/or reactivation of meters
  • Storage area adaptation